Brexit and financial services: Priorities, promises and practicalities

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Brexit and financial services


The event is part of our What the Chiefs Say series, an exclusive series of events bringing together small groups of our senior-level members to discuss topical issues with a key decision-maker. These roundtable conversations feature influential figures from international institutions, parliaments, governments, business, NGOs and the media. In each 60-minute session, members have a chance to put their questions to those who call the shots. The events are insightful and interactive, tackling the burning issues of the day. Participation is by invitation only.

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The inclusion of financial services in the post-Brexit agreement of the United Kingdom is one of the key points of disaccord between the Brexit teams of the EU and the UK.

Our ‘What the Chiefs Say’ debate with Ward Möhlmann offers our members an opportunity to have an insight and to better assess the expected impacts of Brexit on the financial sector, not only in the UK and Europe but also around the world. The debate also sheds light on what the future agreement between the two parties might look like. Given that British banks lend $1,4 trillion to EU companies and governments, what is the possible impact on both UK and European growth?


Ward Möhlmann

European Commission Article 50 Task Force Policy Coordinator and Leader of the Area of Financial Services and Direct Taxation


Dharmendra Kanani

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Spokesperson of Friends of Europe

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