03 May 2019 - 10:30 - 13:00

Citizens for Europe: Europe NEEDS YOU!

How can we get people more engaged in the European project? At this Funky Friday event, we get to the core of what the EU is all about and figure out how to convince Europeans of the EU's continued relevance in this day and age. Through a mixture of brainstorming activities, dialogue-driven debate and interactive exercises, we consider how best to demonstrate the EU's ability to affect real change in the lives of Europeans across all member states. 

Activities include:

- "Bio-hacking"... let's get creative - splice together the best animal features to engineer a new EU creature that survives the coming global challenges. 
-  Deep dive discussions into the EU project with the one and only Bob Cox, former senior representative at the European Commission and Europhile. 
- Power to the people - does 'We, the people' have a meaning in the EU? We hear from Stephen Clark, Director for the European Parliament Liaison Offices, to find out.  

So, save the date in your diary! Join us on 3 May at TownHall Europe to learn how we can all support the European project by becoming its ambassadors. As we edge closer to the European elections, and with the chances of a political shake-up becoming increasingly likely, the EU will need you - its citizens - to stand up for it, now more than ever. 

The event will be moderated by Tamsin Rose, Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe. 

Register via the Facebook event page! 


Participants will include members of the European Solidarity Corps and citizens eager to stand up for Europe. 
The event will take place at TownHall Europe: 5-6 Square de Meeus, 1000 Brussels
A photographer will be on site covering the event. 

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​In partnership with Friends of Europe, TownHall is engaged in “Funky Fridays” to offer a collaborative space for citizens, today’s and tomorrow’s leaders and anyone wanting to contribute to a better world. Other partners include the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue, Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), The Good Lobby, The New Citizen, and Solidar.


Welcome at TownHall.


Intro and EU pub quiz. 


Evolve or die.

Small groups bio-hack Europe, splicing together the best animal features to engineer a new EU creature that survives the coming global challenges.


Rediscovering wonder 

A deep dive into the EU project with Bob Cox, former senior representative at the European Commission and Europhile. 


We are Europe and Europe is us.

Does 'We, the people' have a meaning in the EU? An exploration with Stephen Clark, Director for the European Parliament Liaison Offices. 


Q+A with Bob and Stephen.


Breakout session.

Brainstorm recommendations e.g. on how the EU can better engage young people.

What messages they as ambassadors for the EU projects could use to make Europe seem more relevant to those who may not be so familiar with what goes on  in Brussels and how this translates into everyday life in the member states?


Postcards from the edge

Stories from ESC volunteers across Europe. What have they seen/heard/learned about the meaning of Europe? 


If Generation Z had magic wands they would remake the EU by......

Created by babyboomers, the EU isn't always a natural fit for the worldview of Generation Z. Is the EU project doomed like the dinosaurs or is it worth saving? 

Small group brainstorms on how Gen Z would co-create an EU that would last another 60 years.


Plenary sharing: how have we remade the EU?





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