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The Africa Europe Foundation brings together diverse stakeholders from across different boundaries to catalyse cooperation, transform dialogue into action and reimagine the partnership between the societies of the neighbouring continents. The Foundation is comprised of some of the world’s most influential personalities and acts as a network of networks in strengthening the capacity of Africa and Europe to respond to a range of common challenges.  Investment in a generation is central to our mission through empowering youth voice and leadership across critical sectors of cooperation.

In order to manage the expected growth of the Foundation’s multi-annual programming, at a critical time for rethinking the partnership between Africa and Europe, we are seeking to recruit an experienced development and international relations professional as our Head of Outreach, Advocacy and Partnerships.

This is a new position and senior management role as part of the founding team of the Africa Europe Foundation (AEF).  It represents a unique opportunity for a dynamic professional who shares our values and is passionate about contributing to a real partnership between Africa and Europe.

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