This Friends of Europe study, by Paul Taylor, highlights the risks of a breakdown in practical cooperation on crime-fighting and counter-terrorism on the day after Brexit, and of serious longer-term damage to British and European defence industries.
- 19:00
A ‘Conversation with’ Vera Jourova, EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality
- 14:00
The United Kingdom and the future of European security and defence
- 14:30
Europe, China and a changed global order
European Young Leaders (EYL40) Valletta Seminar
- 18:00
15th edition of State of Europe - #EuropeMatters
- 13:30
A landscape of division and transformation lies on the horizon
Cooperation, competition and the search for common ground
European Young Leaders (EYL40)
The curtain has come down on the first of the 2018 European Young Leaders seminar, which was held in Warsaw.
12 Mar 2018