Carme Chacon

Carme Chacón, 1971-2017

Friends of Europe Trustee Carme Chacón, who died on Sunday 9 April 2017 at the age of 46, was a political trailblazer in her native Spain.

A Member of Parliament for the Socialist Party (PSOE) at the age of 29, she was vice-president of the Spanish parliament and then a housing minister before becoming the subject of international attention in 2008, when she was named as Spain’s first woman defence minister.

As defence minister – a post she held until 2011 – she chaired meetings of defence ministers under the Spain’s EU presidency. She was a strong supporter of European cooperation, and last month co-signed the appeal by Friends of Europe’s President, Etienne Davignon, for a European future, on the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Treaty of Rome.

Friends of Europe extends its condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.

IMAGE CREDIT: Isafmedia / Wikimedia Commons