Play your part in Debating Security Plus!

Are you a junior researcher or MA/PhD student? Find out how you can be a junior moderator for Debating Security Plus.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to play your part in our online global brainstorm. You will interact directly with VIPs from around the world and with thousands of experts from the security, human rights and development communities.

It is your chance to help shape a brainstorm that has impact: recommendations from our previous events fed into the policy thinking that shaped NATO’s Strategic Concept in 2010 and the EU’s Global Strategy in 2016.

As a junior moderator, you will be recognised by name in the Debating Security Plus report, which will be presented at high-level events in Brussels and around the world and distributed in electronic and print copies to tens of thousands of security stakeholders and decision-makers globally.

To apply:

  1. Read the profile description and event description below.
  2. Send your CV and tell us which two of the six DS+ themes you would like to help moderate – and for each, highlight the five to ten questions that you think need urgent answers.
  3. Send your application to Amanda Rohde by 12:00 CEST on Friday 5 May.
  4. Be available for a test event shortly afterwards.

About junior moderators:

  • You are an MA or PhD students, or junior researcher, specialising in international relations or one of the six DS+ themes.
  • You have an excellent written command of English.
  • You will receive a 90-minute online training from Friends of Europe in the second half of May.
  • You will work alongside senior experts from leading think-tanks in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, who will moderate each of the six themes.
  • You will work in pre-determined three-hour shifts on 6-8 June, during which you will follow discussions and ask questions to steer the discussion towards concrete recommendations.
  • You will provide short, bullet-point summaries at the end of every shift to be shared with senior moderators, identifying new and interesting ideas that will feed into the top recommendations from DS+.

About Debating Security Plus

Debating Security Plus is a massive online brainstorm organised by Friends of Europe. The 2017 edition will be held from 6-8 June. DS+ gathers several thousand participants from across the world who interact virtually to develop concrete and innovative solutions to global security challenges.

The six themes of Debating Security Plus are:

  1. Countering radicalisation and global terrorism
  2. From hybrid to asymmetric warfare
  3. Nuclear proliferation and other nuclear threats
  4. Cyber defence and deterrence
  5. Realigning security and development
  6. Climate change, conflict and mass migration