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REPORT | PATIENT-CENTRIC CARE – New pathways for sustainable healthcare

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Home care is a sustainable way to deliver healthcare that provides patients with a better quality of life, panellists told a Friends of Europe Café Crossfire lunch debate on Wednesday 3 May.

The debate came at a time when the cost pressures of healthcare are rising, due to Europe’s ageing population and the increase in chronic conditions. Long-term care for older people alone is projected to cost an additional one per cent of GDP in the coming decades.

Part of the problem is that current healthcare systems were designed to address acute needs, with the hospital as the focal point. But home care could lower costs for healthcare systems and form part of a more patient-centric model.

There are already many ways to provide healthcare effectively and sustainably to patients in their homes. Technology can offer patients with long-term conditions the possibility of receiving quality home-based healthcare from clinicians who monitor their health status remotely, track progress and optimise treatments. But such approaches have not yet become mainstream. That is why it is important to rethink healthcare with the patient at the centre.

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