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KEY QUOTES | Second rountable on disruptive innovation for health

On 21 April, Friends of Europe held the second of three high-level roundtables on disruptive models of healthcare for Europe.

This second roundtable focused on new business models in the healthcare sector that could create much more cost-effective healthcare systems and increase patients’ empowerment.

The following are some key quotes from the roundtable.

FOE-Qcards_Disruptive_02_AuerI would like to have disruptive models of healthcare to get away from a doctor-centred system.” – Clemens Martin Auer

FOE-Qcards_Disruptive_02_WilsonWe have to think how to bring patients more fully in the system as creators and not only customers.” – Petra Wilson

We think that setting standards can help find a disruptive solution.” – Max Müller

One of the things that is going to make change happen is data.” – Stefan Biesdorf

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You may visit the event page to see the programme of the roundtable.

Read the report of our second high-level roundtable on disruptive innovation for health below. If it fails to load, or if you would prefer to read it offline, then you can also download a PDF version of the report.


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