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KEY QUOTES | Third roundtable on disruptive innovation for health

On 14 June, Friends of Europe held the third of three high-level roundtables on disruptive models of healthcare for Europe.

This third roundtable was hosted at the European Parliament by Michal Boni MEP. It focused on how to create new value chains that combine traditional health actors like clinicians and insurers with technology and data companies.

The following are some key quotes from the roundtable:

Innovation comes from people, not legislation.” – Michal Boni

We need to prepare healthcare leaders to be open to innovation.” – Sylvie Bove

We need better evidence so that we can radically challenge models.” – Jenny Billings

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You may visit the event page to see photos from the roundtable.

Read the report of our third high-level roundtable on disruptive innovation for health below. If it fails to load, or if you would prefer to read it offline, then you can also download a PDF version of the report.


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