Launch of a new series on disruptive models of healthcare for Europe

European healthcare systems are in urgent need of reform. Converging pressures of an ageing population, the growing burden of chronic diseases, shortages of healthcare workers and increased demand for care are significant challenges for healthcare systems.

If healthcare could be transformed by the kind of innovation that has revolutionised other sectors of the economy, the potential efficiency and cost gains would be huge. Much of the successful transitions in retailing, banking and tourism have come about through disruptive innovation: non-traditional actors bringing new concepts with different value propositions that undercut the existing offer. This, in turn, opens up choices for a broader range of consumers who engage differently in the newly created space.

Friends of Europe is launching a reflection process on disruptive innovation for health in Europe. A diverse group of stakeholders will be convened for three roundtables to explore the role of regulatory frameworks, new business models and how to build a value network that will initiate and implement change on a large scale.

This series will also be an occasion for the members of the Friends of Europe Informal Group on Health Policy to informally discuss these issues and make concrete proposals to adapt healthcare structures to technological advances. This group includes MEPs from across the political spectrum and from different parliamentary committees with the aim of making sure that health policy is ensured in the definition and implementation of all EU policies and activities.

This initiative will culminate in a report that will be published in September. It will include key outcomes of the roundtables as well as a number of original guest contributions. Its structure will follow the topics of the roundtables – with articles by leading authors adding food for thought to the perspectives raised during the debates. The report will be widely distributed throughout Europe in order to ensure the dissemination of the recommendations and encourage discussions in all member states.

Click here to read the report of the first roundtable “Disruptive models of healthcare for Europe – Re-thinking the regulatory framework to encourage disruptive innovation in health”.

Click here to read the report of the second roundtable “Disruptive models of healthcare for Europe – Europe’s search for new business models”.

Click here to read the report of the third roundtable “Disruptive models of healthcare for Europe – Building value networks for change”.

IMAGE CREDITS: Infographic vector designed by Freepik