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If you had the chance to speak to some of Europe’s leading politicians and experts, what would you say? Now it's your chance to show us!
22 Sep 2017

Olivier Ray is Head of Unit for Crisis Prevention and Post-Conflict Recovery at the Agence Fr

22 Sep 2017
From 26-28 September the international security community will for 48 hours debate ideas relating to six different themes, each introduced by video messages from leading figures of the security and defence sector.
20 Sep 2017
The nuclear-tipped stand-off in the Korean peninsula isn't the only looming security threat: early autumn offers an instructive overview of the competing concerns Europe must contend with.
18 Sep 2017
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14 Jul 2017
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13 Jul 2017
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12 Jul 2017
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6 Jul 2017
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4 Jul 2017
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30 Jun 2017