EUROPE’S CLIMATE AND ENERGY OUTLOOK – Now that the ink on COP21 is dry

Friends of Europe’s annual Climate and Energy Policy Summit will discuss this year the main challenges ahead for global leaders in view of implementing the COP21 Paris Agreement and ensuring affordable and secure energy in the context of rapidly changing energy geopolitics. Questions will include:

  • With four years to go until the Paris agreement enters into force, what are the chief risks and challenges?
  • What can be done to overcome the deadlocks in the EU ETS reform and what post-2020 policies and measures are needed to decarbonise the EU transport, agriculture and building sectors?
  • How can new technologies blur the traditional boundaries of the energy sector and alter citizens’ interactions with energy?
  • How should markets be redesigned to adapt to technological advances, low-carbon imperatives, and pressure from customers in a way that safeguards the EU’s competitiveness and growth?
  • What is the silver bullet to boost energy security: energy efficiency, low-carbon technologies, storage, new networks and interconnections, decentralised energy, capacity mechanisms, or others?

This summit has a long-standing reputation as the ‘must-attend’ conference in Brussels and top-level personalities have always joined this platform as speakers. The few hundred participants will include EU and national policymakers, senior officials from international organisations, business representatives, NGO leaders, experts from the academic world and members of the international press from Brussels and throughout Europe.

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