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COP21 infographic: Paris climate agreement at a glance

What are the outcomes of the COP21 Paris climate change conference? What needs to be done to implement the new climate deal and limit the global temperature rise to 2°C? And what do global citizens think of the world climate efforts?

Check out our infographic below for a brief history of global climate change action, countries’ and sectors’ shares in GHG emissions, the key climate change mitigation actions and more.


View the infographic in a larger format by clicking here.

In the lead up to the long-awaited Paris Climate Change Conference, Friends of Europe launched a wide range of publications, held events and engaged in other initiatives to reflect the global debate on climate change.

This infographic is part of Friends of Europe’s Greener Europe pillar special section ‘On the road to Paris 2015’.

For more on the climate discussion, read the Europe’s World special section ‘On the road to Paris’.