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How to (Br)exit ‒ a guide for decision-makers

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The United Kingdom exiting the European Union will be one of the most significant events in the history of European politics.

This guide – How to (Br)exit – written by Mogens Peter Carl, a former director-general of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Trade and Directorate-General for the Environment, offers the necessary keys to an agreement between the EU and the UK. It is not for or against Brexit, but rather seeks to provide guidance to decision-makers on both sides of the English Channel, sharing some unpalatable truths to both London and Brussels.

While many in the United Kingdom and the European Union still hope that Brexit will not take place, it is a reality not to be shrugged of as ‘populistic’ or marginalised into a choice of minority.

This is a trade negotiation like no other. With Brexit, the objective is a break-up, not the opening of new opportunities. This situation could lead to uncertainty that continues for several months, even years. The purpose of this paper is to help find the optimum outcome for the EU-27 and for the UK.

The guide covers all the main elements of the Brexit equation: an agreement on trade in goods and in services; free movement of people; trade issues of particular importance to the UK, and other issues, such as energy, development aid and competition policy.

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Download 'How to (Br)exit'