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The European Union is under threat from populists riding a wave of public discontent over globalisation, immigration and mainstream politics. Britain’s referendum vote to leave the EU is a manifestation of citizens’ anger – the latest in a seemingly endless series of crises afflicting Europe’s integration project.

The absence of clear leadership is both a symptom and cause of this malaise. To fill this leadership vacuum, Friends of Europe has developed its European Young Leaders (EYL40) programme. Since its creation five years ago, this programme has brought together established young talent from around the continent in a quest to find innovative solutions to Europe’s problems.

A group of European Young Leaders gathered at the European Commission’s Berlaymont headquarters on 14 October to exchange ideas with senior political figures working on issues ranging from climate change to research and innovation, and from accountability and transparency to the dynamics of EU regionalism.

Read our European Young Leaders Brussels meeting report below. If it fails to load, or if you would prefer to read it offline, then you can also download a PDF version of the report.

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