Hard choices in healthcare

02 May 2018 - 18:00 - 19:30

Friends of Europe, together with Celgene and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) are taking a fresh look at an old debate, with the help of a short fictional film about an astronaut, Nozomi, who is lost in space and fighting to find her way home. The story mirrors many of the challenges we face in healthcare and is designed to help us all think differently about the seemingly unsolvable issues. Audience participation will be critical, as we seek to find solutions together.

This event is part of Friends of Europe’s Health and Wellbeing programme, which focuses on how the obstacles of vested interests and short-term political thinking can be overcome in the difficult transition to new healthcare models and systems – and how these new systems can be financed.


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Healthcare systems in Europe are overstretched, struggling to meet the growing demand for care with limited and decreasing resources. The medical landscape is fragmented and complex, with multiple players and competing interests. Every day, hard choices have to be made at all levels. Policymakers decide on overall policy and funding, payers and hospital managers decide the best allocation of resources to their services, health industries have to choose the R&D opportunities to invest in, while clinicians try to provide patients with the best care possible. Stakeholders continue to operate in silos in a world where it is not easy to get a broader perspective on healthcare systems as a whole, let alone identify new alternative solutions. Yet, overcoming these barriers to health can make room for new opportunities and allow for more collaborative and imaginative thinking that can considerably improve healthcare for patients across the EU.

  • What are the challenges of working in a healthcare system that is defined by constraints, whether financial, human or technical?
  • How do we move from a system where everyone is operating in their silos, into a more collaborative space to create a more effective and sustainable healthcare system?
  • Given the complexity and constraints of healthcare systems, how can patients and their needs be put at the centre of care?

This debate will start with the projection of the short 15 minutes fiction film “This is Axiom”, produced with support from Celgene. The story takes place in deep space. Lost astronaut Nozomi floats, alone, fearing that she will never hear from Earth again. Until one day, a glimmer of hope flickers through the radio. The film provides a bold new way to engage in the issues we face in healthcare.

Moderated by
Tamsin Rose, Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe


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