Indian elections: Gearing up for a “new” India?

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“Expectations on Prime Minister Narendra Modi are sky-high”, said Shishir Kumar Bajoria, Chairman of the IFGL Group, India atFriends of Europe policy insight on 12 June. With a turnout of 66,4% and a large participation of women and youth, the Indian elections channelled a pressing demand for political and social change. According to Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri “voters made a clear choice in favour of a strong and united India”. On the international front, “the EU hopes to revive the trade partnership negotiations, despite the “look East” approach of Narendra Modi’s initial foreign policy moves”, said Neena Gill, MEP for the Labour Party West Midlands.
Amid mounting expectations for a “new India” era under the BJP mandate, will Modi’s government live up to the promise of prosperity and growth for all? Underpinning a lively discussion were issues of economic development, urbanisation, social justice and foreign policy facing India in the five years ahead.


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